Sign Up Friends And Family Into Your Business Even If You’ve Already Spammed The Heck Out Of Them

It’s not too late to mend those fences with family and friends if you’ve burnt them to the ground because you aggressively approached them about your business or down-right spammed them.  In this blog post I will share with you a couple of super simple things you can do today to help those you’ve put-off actually take an interest in your network marketing business.

Say You’re Sorry, Without A Pitch

The last thing you want to do is follow an apology with another pitch.  DO NOT say this: “Hey there.  I wanted to say that I am sorry for the way I approached you about my business, but it’s absolutely exploding and you really don’t want to miss out on this”.

The point of apologizing to anyone for anything is being genuine.  Saying sorry and immediately following that with yet another pitch is only going to look bad on you.  Do you think they are actually going to feel that you meant what you said?  No.  They’re going to see an ulterior motive to that apology.  It just won’t work. And you can forget ever having their support for anything you do in the future.

Instead, SAY THIS: “Hey there.  When I started my business I came at you extremely hard, and I want to apologize.  I was so new to this and had no idea what I was doing.  I hope you will accept my apology.  My relationship with you means more to me than any business”.

There’s no catch.  There’s no “I told you that I would be successful but you didn’t believe me!”  You never want to play the “I told you so” card, even if you HAVE had amazing success and they really DID miss out by not joining you.  You just don’t say that to them.  They are going to SEE your success all on their own…you don’t have to throw it in their face.

It’s not the network marketing industry that is at fault for the way people feel about it.  It’s the marketers who are chasing, bugging, begging, and spamming that give this industry a bad name.  Treat this profession the way it deserves to be treated by being postured, confident and with a “I don’t care who joins me or doesn’t join me” attitude, and people will automatically be attracted to that.

Find New People

It’s as simple as that.  There are millions upon millions of people in this world and with the leverage of social media, you have access to an unlimited amount of prospects.  If you struggle with finding new leads, reach out to me and I’ll send you a link to some information that gives you a fool-proof method of generating new leads so you will never, ever run out of quality leads again.

See you at the top!

Build A Massive Network Marketing Business Even If You’re A Busy Mom Or Have Multiple Jobs

Have you ever wondered how people with multiple children and/or more than one job are able to build a network marketing business?

In today’s blog post I will share with you just how it’s been done, and how you can do it too.

Build A Massive Network Marketing Business Even if You’re A Busy Mom Or Have Multiple Jobs

If you have children, whether you’re married or raising them as a single Mom, and you feel there is absolutely no way you could even consider building a business on top of all you have going on already, I have a few suggestions for you.

You Don’t Have To Invent The Wheel.  People have done it before you.

It’s super important to understand that so many have already done it.

In my very first network marketing company, I met a wonderful young Mom of 5 children…yes 5….and she moved to the top of the compensation plan working her business part-time.  How did she do it?  Instead of sitting on the sidelines at her children’s sporting events, she would get right in the middle of the stands along with all the other parents and get to know them.  With 5 kids, you can imagine how many soccer games and dance recitals she was attending!  She didn’t have to go out of her way to meet people, she had people to talk to at every single event she attended for her kids.

The point I’m trying to make here is she didn’t have to leave her children to work on her business.

My personal story of building a business while working full time is – planning is key.  Every Sunday I would look at the week ahead and find 15 minute spots throughout my day to reach out to people either on FB or through my cell phone contact list.  You can connect with a lot of people in 15 minutes!  Instead of eating my lunch while surfing the internet looking at the latest celebrity scandals, I decided to make better use of that time and connect with people.  Doing this on a consistent basis allowed me to enroll 30 customers in 30 days.  It doesn’t take a lot of time when you’ve planned properly.

Was it always easy?  Heck no.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but it was simple to do.

Think about this.  We all have residual bills.  That is something you can guarantee will show up every single month without fail. If you build a network marketing business that brings in more residual income that what your bills add up to each month, what would that mean for you and your family?


Common Mistakes

I have seen on more than on occasion people quitting their job when they decide to start a network marketing business.  You should never, ever do that.  Quitting a job too soon is a recipe for disaster because it puts unnecessary pressure on yourself.  For some, it might fuel their fire in that they feel they have no choice but to make their business work.  For most, however, having that guaranteed income while they build can at least give you the peace of mind that if things are slow to get going, your power isn’t going to get shut off.

How Much Time Are You Able To Spend Building Your Business?

How do you see your business fitting into your life?

  • Do your children have play dates giving you some free time?
  • Is there a time when the kids are napping?
  • Is waking up 30 minutes before the kids a good time to send a few Facebook messages?
  • Can you take 15 minutes on your lunch break and reach out to people on Social Media?
  • Are you prospecting while out grocery shopping?
  • Do you have 10 minutes before going to sleep to follow up on messages you’ve sent?

What is the point of all of this?

If you send 5 messages while the kids are taking a nap, talk to 2 people while out shopping and follow up with 3 people before heading to bed…do you know what will happen?  A thriving, successful, butt-kicking business will happen…that’s what!

Master the mundane and do those things every single day, and success is YOURS!!  


Whether you’re tired or not, you do it.  Whether you feel like it or not, you do it.


See you at the top!