Hey there!  If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you are looking for a Network Marketing Company to partner with and you’re open the possibility of working with me.  You being here did not happen by accident!

When I joined the industry a few years ago, network marketing wasn’t anywhere on my radar whatsoever.  I had no interest in getting involved in “one of those things” lol.  Well, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  What I DID know was that I was nearing the age of 50, working a job for 23+ years that I detested and was nowhere near being able to retire.  The debt we had incurred over the years was going nowhere either doing the things the way we had been doing them.  Enter Network Marketing.

I like to tell people that my years in the industry has given me a PhD in what NOT to do.  When you’re starting out, you put a lot of faith into the leaders and believe what they tell you….at least I did with my first company.  Although I had relatively good success, it just didn’t feel right for me.  So, I decided to make a check list of what I wanted from a company.  It took me being involved with a few different companies before I found the one that checked off every box.  What were the elements that were super important to me for a company to have and why did I decide to partner with this company?

Leadership – the kind of leadership who works for YOU, that is focused on your success and your wins, not lining their wallets

Product – a product that sells itself and has ridiculous retention possibility, and it has to be affordable and effective for customers

A simple system that easily duplicates

A compensation plan whose main priority is guaranteeing those who join make their investment back in the first 30 days (I made mine back in 5 days), and who compensates those wanting to focus only on customer acquisition generously (how does 100% commission sound)

A company whose mission aligns with my core values

Start-up costs that are affordable so those who join can jump in 100% and absolutely explode their business right out of the gate

What you’ve read above are the things that were important for ME when it came to choosing a company to partner with.  I hope that you take those into consideration for yourself when you looking to see what is right for YOU.

I have absolutely no idea if this is going to be a fit for you or not, so I have listed a few questions that you should ask yourself before you make a decision to join any business:

-Am I ready to make a change?

-Am I willing to step outside my comfort zone?

-Am I Coachable?

-Do I have a positive mindset?

To sum all of this up, I am looking to partner with people who are ready to jump in with both feet, take massive action and have a ton of fun along the way.  If all of this sounds like you, and you’re ready to take charge of your own life and your family’s future, click the graphic of me on the right of this page for more information.  I respond to all my messages personally.